The Fine Print


If you are the kind of person that likes all the details upfront, you can read my contract here. If there is a term you'd like to negotiate, feel free to chat with me about it via

Additional work

Any additional work such as changes to the brief or inclusions to the scope of work can be negotiated and agreed upon as the project progresses or alternatively we can charge for additional work on an hourly basis at $50ph.

Billing schedule

We propose a breakdown into four staged payments:
1 – 20% (of entire fee) Commission payment before any work will commence.
2 – 35% (of entire fee) Upon completion of the Concept Design stage.
3 – 35% (of entire fee) Upon completion of the Development Design stage.
4 – 10% (of entire fee) Upon completion of Artwork and/or Documentation.
Suspension of service may be applied when invoice payment terms are exceeded. Services on the project will not resume until outstanding invoices have been paid.


Copyright will be licensed to (Client’s name here) upon full payment of fees. Under Australian IP law the creator Bianca Boman, will retain the Copyright ownership. If a client should like to own the Copyright to any of their branded graphics, illustrations, imagery etc, legal paperwork is required to be drawn up to prove a ‘transfer of ownership’ from Bianca Boman to the client. The client should pay any fee associated with drawing up the papers with an IP lawyer, an approximate cost for this is $500. Bianca Boman retains the right to use final artwork and designs for promotional purposes.

specialist services

Where specialist services are required, e.g. Copywriter, Photographer, Illustrator, Digital, they may be commissioned directly by the client or charged by Bianca Boman with a surcharge of 10%.


Should the project be terminated during a stage of work the remainder of the fees for that stage shall become due and be paid to Bianca Boman.